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Hard disks... - Life, hate it or ignore it, you can't like it...
The thoughts of Chairman Phil (Few and far between...)
Hard disks...
Ever wondered how a hard disk works? I did. See under cut for a couple of nice videos of hard disks in action.

Not had a brilliant bank holiday weekend so far in some respects. I went in to Uni on Saturday to re-calibrate our rapid prototyping machine and ended up confusing it somewhat. This is going to probably lead to a fair amound of faffing on Tuesday as I try and get it working again *sigh*.

Then, in preperation for formatting and re-installing my main PC (I'm typing this on my old PC whilst the operating system on the new one works through setup) I took the PC apart and gave it a cleanout of dust etc. Whilst cutting through a cable tie, I also managed to cut through one of the cables leading to the auzillary 12V connector to the motherboard. Great. A hour or so of swearing and some fairly amateur electronics later I had stripped the wires and re-inserted them into the plug, and here's hoping it lasts; it seems to be working for the moment *touch wood*.

Angela and I did go to Ikea yesterday for random bits and bobs, which is always fun. If I ever had any money and got a house, I think I'd basically go to Ikea and buy it. :-P Tomorrow we're off to the newly re-opened Motor Heritage Museum, which should be good. You can go on "rides" in a 4x4, but actually up and down mud banks etc - not you driving admittedly, but sounds fun nonetheless!

I'm feeling...: cheerful cheerful

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keletkezes From: keletkezes Date: May 29th, 2007 12:58 pm (UTC) (Find this here)
I believe I know: all those after-school hours spent in the IT rooms with Mr. King and Mr. Baldwin wandering around with endless computer parts did come in handy. However, being at work I can't affirm those suspicions.

And the 4X4 rides do sound fun: Stuart's Landie never did get quite enough speed up to take-off over speedbumps...
piphil From: piphil Date: May 29th, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC) (Find this here)
Didn't manage to go on the 4x4 after all; I think we decided to call it a day and couldn't be bothered. The museum was quite good though. The only thing that tempered it for me was it was only British-made cars, and although that may make it quite noble, the only real icon of world car manufacture to come out of Britain in the last 50 years is the Mini...

Having said that, they did have a nice new Red Bull team F1 car on display, along with a couple of Austin Martins...
keletkezes From: keletkezes Date: May 29th, 2007 03:53 pm (UTC) (Find this here)
Well, there's always next time :)
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