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Anthony Davidson - Retired [Hit Beaver] - Life, hate it or ignore it, you can't like it...
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Anthony Davidson - Retired [Hit Beaver]
It was nice to see a relatively interesting Grand Prix (Canadian) yesterday. People complain that the older circuits are too small for the fast F1 cars of today. Except that the races on the new, more "suitable" circuits are boring...

Of course the most notable incident was Robert Kubica's truly enormous crash at the hairpin, one that in which he thankfully suffered no more than a concussion and a sprained ankle. See under cut for the video.

And spare a thought for poor old Anthony Davidson, having a great race running in 3rd in the Super-Aguri, only to hit a beaver on the straight running back to the start. Yes, a beaver. How Canadian is that?

[EDIT] From Planet-F1.com - "The condition of the beaver is not known, but there are understandable fears that it may not be able to attend next year's race."

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keletkezes From: keletkezes Date: June 21st, 2007 01:50 pm (UTC) (Find this here)
A beaver?! Christ, surprised it didn't kill him!
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